MGCPQQ® is a natural source of pyrroloquinoline quinone created using a patented fermentation process that has been well-studied and documented through scientific research and peer-reviewed literature. Its functions have been fully characterized and widely tested in approximately 1,000 animal and human studies.

A series of clinical studies suggest the ingredient can activate mitochondrial biogenesis, meaning it can energize the mitochondria in cells. Studies show that MGCPQQ® can also potentially support Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), and that the ingredient may play a role in nerves and other organs growing or recovering after being damaged, (Stimulation of nerve growth factor synthesis/secretion in mouse astroglial cells by coenzymes, Murase K., Hattori A., Kohno M. & Hayashi K., 1993). Neurons are susceptible to lethal damage from oxidative stress, and neuronal death is regarded as a causal factor in some cognitive disorders. By functioning as an antioxidant as well as an NGF enhancer, the ingredient has shown to inhibit neurotoxicity.

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