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FoodBev magazineJuly 2020 – Nutraceuticals: Addressing consumer demands
Nutraceutical ingredients producers discuss how they can help beverage manufacturers improve supplement formulas by adding a range of health benefits. Click to read the article.


Wellness Foods & Supplements, April/May 2020 – The powerhouse of the body
For a PDF version, The powerhouse of the body. Examines the far reaching benefits of healthy mitochondria and how to support the power centers.

NutraCos Magazine, May/June 2020 –  Boosting mitochondrial biogenesis for healthy ageing (page 28) For a PDF version, Boosting mitochondrial biogenesis for healthy ageing
The powerhouse of the cell is vital to healthy ageing, and there are many ways to improve mitochondrial health. Research has shown there are also supplement ingredient options that can help provide a mitochondria boost with varying degrees of safety and efficacy.

Vitafoods Insights, June 1, 2020 – Link between mitochondria and mental health in a COVID-19 world
The impacts of COVID-19 have led to varying levels of uncertainty, fear and anxiety, contributing to more stress, more fatigue and less sleep. Mitochondria regulates cognitive function, memory, energy and mood, and research shows that MGCPQQ reenergizes the mitochondria and fuels cellular activity, providing more efficient energy production.

Nutraceutical Business Review, May 2020Energising the cell’s powerhouse can benefit mental health
Studies show mitochondria-boosting supplement ingredient MGCPQQ can help improve stress, reduce fatigue and obtain better sleep.  Healthy mitochondria is important for cognitive function, energy and even mood, and research suggests MGCPQQ has many benefits including for mental health.

NutraCos, April 2020 – Naturally Boost Energy at Any Age
The data says there are many ways to naturally increase energy, despite one’s age. Many recognize that sleep, diet and exercise can help with energy. But as we grow old, cognitive function and energy levels often decline. Research and studies of some natural ingredients, often used in supplements, have been shown to help with both supporting brain health and increasing stamina and performance energy.

Nutrition Insight, February 20, 2020 – MGCPQQ: “Vitamin-like” ingredient for mitochondrial health
Listen to Shoji Matsukawa, vice president of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America talk about MGCPQQ’s memory and cognitive health benefits during the Food Ingredients Europe (FiE) in Paris in December 2019. He also discusses Mitsubishi’s natural fermentation process that keeps the natural characteristics of PQQ intact that are also found in fruits and vegetables.


Nutrition Insight, December 11, 2o19 – Can we Age Healthily Without Animal Protein? Aging Population Presents High-Protein NPD Opportunity, says KHNI
As more individuals adopt a plant-based diet, the Kerry Health & Nutrition Institute (KHNI) discusses protein dietary requirements for active aging. They explore how older adults have different nutrition and product needs compared to younger people. A link to the webinar is including in the overview.

Nutrition Insight, December 9, 2019 – Aging Well Starts Young: Natural Ingredients Star in Healthy Aging Offerings at Fi Europe 2019
A preview to Fi Europe 2019, Nutrition Insight discusses how balanced nutrition is a fundamental pillar for managing the aging process, from bone density to cognition, and aiding healthy living. With the general population expected to live longer, it’s important to understand what options are available to assist in healthy aging.

Nutracos, July 2019 –  Three Ways Mitochondria Play a Critical Role in Cognitive Health (page 2). For a PDF version of the article: Three Ways Mitochondria Play a Critical Role in Cognitive Health
Grow, Energize and Protect. This article highlights the role mitochondria play

DairyReporter, June 20, 2019 – VIDEO: Mitsubishi cognitive health ingredient launches in Europe

Nutraceuticals Now, May 21, 2019Ingredient Launching in European Union Supports Mitochondrial Activation, Offers Wide Range of Health Benefits

Nutraceuticals Now, May 1, 2019Connecting Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Aging

VitaFoods Insights, April 26, 2019 – Industry Digest: New cognitive supplement to launch at Vitafoods Europe

VitaFoods Insights, April 25, 2019 – Mitsubishi to launch approved ingredient at Vitafoods Europe


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November 2019 Mitsubishi Gas Chemical to Showcase Powerful Anti-Aging Ingredient that Outperforms Existing Mitochondria-Activating Supplements at Fi Europe 2019

April 2019 Ingredient Launching in European Union Supports Mitochondrial Activation, Offers Wide Range of Health Benefits